Who we are

The Museum Network of the Province of Lucca is a network of cooperation and promotion of museums in the Lucca territory. The participating museums are the following:

  1. Paolo Cresci Museum for the History of Italian Emigration - Lucca
  2. Lucca Museum of the Risorgimento ( unification of Italy ) - Lucca
  3. Don Luigi Pellegrini Provincial Ethnographic Museum - Castiglione Garfagnana
  4. Athena Museum - Capannori
  5. Pierluigi Gherardi Sketches Museum - Pietrasanta
  6. Birthplace of Giosue Carducci - Pietrasanta
  7. Father Eugenio Barsanti Museum - Pietrasanta
  8. Bruno Antonucci Versilian Archaeological Museum - Pietrasanta
  9. Civic Archaeological Museum - Camaiore
  10. Museum of work and popular traditions of Historical Versilia - Seravezza
  11. Archaeological exhibition of the history of the ancient hospital of Altopascio on the Via Francigena
  12. Giovanni Pascoli’s House Museum - Barga
  13. Antonio Mordini Civic Museum of the territory - Barga
  14. Laura Risaliti Multimedia Museum of the Fortresses and Fortifications of the Serchio Valley - Barga
  15. Museum and Archaeological Complex of the Lucca Cathedral
  16. Massaciuccoli Romana Archaeological Museum - Massarosa
  17. Archaeological Museum of the Garfagnana territory - Castelnuovo di Garfagnana
  18. Coreglia Antelminelli Museum of plaster figurines and emigration
  19. Carnival Museum - Viareggio
  20. Giacomo Puccini Villa Museum - Viareggio
  21. Museum of the Ancient Mint of Lucca
  22. Historical Museum of the Resistance - Stazzema
  23. Permanent exhibition of the Barsanti and Matteucci Museum - Lucca
  24. Italian Museum of the Folklore Imaginary - Piazza al Serchio
  25. Puccini Museum - Giacomo Puccini’s birthplace in Lucca
  26. Olimpio Cammelli Ethnographic Museum - Minucciano 
  27. Botanical Garden of Lucca
  28. Land reclamation and irrigation Museum - Viareggio
  29. Museum of Chestnut - Colognora di Pescaglia
  30. San Cassiano di Controne Museum - Bagni di Lucca
  31. Memory Museum - Borgo a Mozzano

The Museum System aims to pursue the following objectives:

  • enhance the museums that are part of the System and their heritage, facilitating and promoting access to all categories of users;
  • activate close collaboration between public and private museums for the coordination of cultural, scientific, didactic and cognitive activities, promotion, communication and management, to improve financial sustainability as well as raise the standard of services;
  • promote initiatives aimed at improving the public use of cultural heritage, implementing - also in relationship with educational institutions - educational and public involvement activities which contribute to the greater dissemination of the knowledge of history, culture, art, material culture, nature, landscape, traditions and local customs;
  • promote the relationship between the Museums and the territorial context in which they are inserted, in order to improve the use and perception of the cultural heritage by the community;
  • activate synergies with the competent Superintendencies, the Regional MiC Management and the National Museum System, aimed at promoting the protection, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage, within their respective competences.

Attached is also the document with the guidelines and objectives for the years 2022-2023.