All the didactic and educational activities offered by the museums of the Territorial Museum Network of the Province of Lucca.

Educational workshops and tutorials

The museum system is launching some educational tutorials edited by the art historian Lucia Morelli which offer creative activities for children: containing references to individual artists and currents in the history of art, while maintaining an important focus on the collections of local museums. In the workshop entitled "Light and colours", from the monotype technique, we go on the discovery of the museum houses and the great characters who lived there such as Pascoli, Puccini and Carducci. In the workshop entitled “nature, materials and symbols” nature, materials and symbols are explored, drawing inspiration from the works contained in museums and stamps are built with recycled materials. In the workshop entitled "The space, the story and the imaginary" the collage technique is used to build imaginary stories with the characters and objects contained in the Museums. In the workshop entitled "Narrating in pictures. Create your PopUp book with the story you want". We have chosen a universal story, "One and Seven" written by Gianni Rodari, one of the great authors of children's literature, who teaches the principles of solidarity, equality and peace between peoples.

Museum and Archaeological Complex of the Cathedral of Lucca Didactics

The Didactic Section of the Museum and Archaeological Complex of the Cathedral of Lucca was established in 2002 on the initiative of the Terzo Millennio APS Association. In recent years it has developed historical, artistic and archaeological paths for all types of schools, from childhood to secondary school, followed by 2,500 students, with their teachers, in the year 2010 alone. To date, over 20,000 scholars have benefited from this ever-growing and enriching service.

Museum of the Risorgimento Didactics

Museum of the Risorgimento Didactics The Museum of the Risorgimento in Lucca offers opportunities for diversified visits for students of primary and secondary schools. Thanks to the emotional approach to the facts and characters proposed by the exhibition, to the presence of very significant objects and documents and to the descriptive contents and supports, each visit experience can take on specific levels of in-depth analysis. Guided tours are also available upon reservation.

Paolo Cresci Museum for the history of Italian emigration Didactics

The Paolo Cresci Foundation for the history of Italian emigration offers, in a section of its website, educational kits which can be used as a source of study and reflection for both individual visitors and school groups, diversified according to the type of school. The section also contains videos that illustrate the phenomenon of migration and proposals for structured educational workshops.

Didactics of Carnival Museum

The Carnival Museum offers a series of activities for summer 2022. All workshops are aimed at boys and girls from 5 years of age upwards.

Didactics Guglielmo Lera Museum of Plaster Figurine and Emigration

The Guglielmo Lera Museum of Plaster Figurine and Emigration of Coreglia Antelminelli, built to represent the migratory phenomenon based on the sale of plaster figurines (18th - 20th century) and the technical evolution of this craft from 1600 to the present day, offers the possibility of organizing an educational workshop where the methods of making a plaster figurine are illustrated.

Didactics Historical Museum of Sant'Anna - Stazzema

Il Museo Storico di Sant'Anna di Stazzema è aperto tutto l'anno e offre un servizio didattico con laboratori su tematiche specifiche rivolti alle scuole e visite guidate per scuole e gruppi.